Sunday, October 31, 2010

IELTS writing – graph tips 2

They are some common patterns that can be used to describe a line graph. It's better for you to remember how to use the patterns in these samples.
Tips #4:
Imports of the vegetables rose steadily until the end of June, then leveled off.
Exports of the vegetables fell dramatically throughout the first half of the year. They recovered in July, but started to fall again towards the end of the year.

Tips #5:
After a slow start, Imports of the modern furniture began to rise dramatically, reaching a peak in July. From the onwards, they declined steadily.
Exports of the rattan furniture fluctuated throughout the year, but the general trend was downwards.
Tips #6:
Exports of the cars were stable throughout the first halh of the year, then declined gradually until november, when they began to recover slightly.
Imports of the cars increased until late July, leveled off, then rose very slightly at the end of the year.

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